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Copy of Feminism & The 4th Wave: A Panel Discussion Exploring Feminism Today

The Untitled Magazine and Active Ideas Productions invite you to Feminism & The 4th Wave: A Panel Discussion Exploring Feminism today.

The rise of social media and the interconnected voice calling for social change has been a staple of our recent times. No one can debate the fact that the last ten years have given a united platform to those seeking improvements in civil and gay rights, yet many have seen feminism and equality for women take a back seat. Many women today are challenging the fear of feminism and effectively issuing in a new era of “4th Wave Feminism” also known as “Millennial Feminism.”

It has been said that we are currently in the throes of the feminism’s fourth wave, but what does that mean? How has feminism changed over the years? What are the defining factors of the 4th Wave of feminism, and how can artists and the media work together to strengthen this movement to create change in our communities?

Guests joined us on Thursday October 29th for a thought provoking discussion at The Untitled Space as we explored these ideas with Panel Moderator & Artist Annika Connor.


INDIRA CESARINE editor-in-chief of The Untitled Magazine 

KRISTEN KORVETTE founding editrix of Slutist 

COCO DOLLE director of feminist art curatorial Milk & Night 

NATALIE WHITE feminist artistand activist

A lively question and answer session will follow the discourse and audience members are invited to stay afterwards to view“The ‘F’ Word: Feminism in Art“, the current exhibition on view at The Untitled Space which features the work of 20 female artists.

The Untitled Space is located at 45 Lispenard Street Unit 1W.