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Art, Publishing, & Technology

On Tuesday, March 20th Annika Connor & Active Ideas Productions hosted Art, Publishing, & Technology, a panel discussion at General Assembly:

Art, Publishing, & Technology
Featured Panelists were:
David Grosz is Editor in Chief of Artifex Press, a new publisher of digital catalogues raisonnés. Caitilin Leffel: Author, Writer, and Editor at Rizzoli. Former editor at Assouline in New York and for the Christie’s magazine in London.
Indira Cesarine:Editor in Chief and publisher of XXXX Magazine and The Untitled Magazine. Former Editor at Large of Lush Magazine, as well as renowned photographer and director. Charlie Grosso: Director of Baang and Burne Contemporary. Charlie Grosso: Director of Baang and Burne Contemporary.

Art, Publishing, & Technology discussed: Are books, magazines, and art catalogues still relevant in today’s technology-saturated environment? Publishers in all mediums are facing critical questions on how to present their content as more and more people are looking toward new sources for information. E-readers, smartphones, and laptops are rapidly changing the way people view the art and literary world.

This panel discussed traditional and non traditional approaches to art, publishing, and technology while surveying the principal players that are instrumental in deciding how art issues are presented in print media. Exploring multiple perspectives the panel shed some light upon: art issues magazines are having, art used to illustrate a story, how the art catalogue industry is changing because of the internet, and how art book publishing companies are dealing with and effected by this.

These and many more questions were addressed by Annika Connor as she lead the discussion focused on Art, Publishing, & Technology.

The old aphorism that we should never judge a book by its cover is changing. This engaging panel got many reactions from the crowd as the audience shared in the discussion on how publishers and editors are looking to entice unsuspecting browsers with today’s new media!